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Pleasure Cream Strawberry Mint Tingle

Not that Miss Muffin isn't lovely on her own...but a little breath mint down there can't hurt. Our strawberry mint flavored “Tingly” cream is by far the ladies first pick. It does so much, enhances your sensation on ‘muffin’ and the ‘little man in the boat‘, lubricates like silk, and makes you taste delicious! Share this zinger with your favorite partner, or keep it your little secret. Can also be used with latex toys. Our Strawberry Mint Tingle Cream is a delicious water based arousal cream. It can be used for either for the man or the woman. It's particularly nice on the little man in the boat for clitoral stimulation, and can also be used on the man's unit and/or behind his 'twins' ha ha.

Shave pink hat ring grey
Shave Creme

Like nothing you’ve tried before. Also great for men and 'man-scaping' ha ha. This really helps to reduce razor-burn dramatically. Tons of great customer comments on this product. Our super moisturizing, non-foaming body shave cream can be used on legs, underarms, and is a must for the bikini area. Just put a nickel sized dollop of it in your hands, smooth over wet legs and bikini area and start shaving.

Sensuous Oil Mint Dawn
Massage/Tattoo Oil (Euc/Mint)

Now with Ginseng and Pheromones! Awesome for TATTOOS! Our rich body hydrating splash can be used as a conditioner on damp skin. A wonderful nail treatment and a great after sun therapy when you are tanning. Try it as a make-up remover. Deliciously sweet scent smells like a spa with Mint.