Massage Products


Back Door Balm

Works great for tweezing eyebrows, hang nails, paper cuts, painless splinter removal,-or-need we say more?

Binky with goofy Smiling dawn hand over mouth text.jpg
Back Door Binky

Pacify your guy with this delicately shaped 2 ½ inch jelly Tush Toy. Our posterior plug has a clever ring base for ease of use and comfort. Use our Peppermint Patty Pleasure Crème for some sensuous and soothing slip. Buy two, one for him and one for you! (Some things you just shouldn’t share, ha ha.)

Hot rub butter rum new bottle collage.jpg
Hot Rub Lotion (Butter Rum, now in tall bottle)

We call it, the “get it over quick rub”. This edible warming lotion is perfect for ‘strategic massage”. Slippery, warm and tastes great! (Bonus, it numbs your tongue slightly!) The bottle says 'Honey Butter Kiss' but the flavor is like a Butter Rum lifesaver, yum!

Kiss Creme (Strawberry Shortcake)

Watching your waistline? Here is a guilt-free hand & body dessert. This is just one of a few of the flavored body items available to satisfy your sweet tooth! Vit E and Shea butter make your hands feel silky smooth and soft.

Sensuous Oil Mint Dawn
Massage/Tattoo Oil (Euc/Mint)

Now with Ginseng and Pheromones! Awesome for TATTOOS! Our rich body hydrating splash can be used as a conditioner on damp skin. A wonderful nail treatment and a great after sun therapy when you are tanning. Try it as a make-up remover. Deliciously sweet scent smells like a spa with Mint.

Solo Sleeve with smiling Dawn text.jpg
Solo Sleeve

A soft squishy do-it-your-selfer for him. Easier to clean then most items like this, which is a good thing.

Tickle Ring

Worn at the base, for stamina or snuggly 3/4 way down on him, gives you a tickle inside. (What a speed bump for Muffin!) Makes him feel bigger, and you tighter. (Gets rid of that “pencil in a cup” syndrome) Use this WITHOUT lubricant on him. Some ladies buy 2 or 3. If you think he’s shy, start out with it on his fingers. Feels divine! Can also be worn on a vibe. The colors and bump pattern are assorted.