Tush Toys


Back Door Balm

Works great for tweezing eyebrows, hang nails, paper cuts, painless splinter removal,-or-need we say more?

Binky with goofy Smiling dawn hand over mouth text.jpg
Back Door Binky

Pacify your guy with this delicately shaped 2 ½ inch jelly Tush Toy. Our posterior plug has a clever ring base for ease of use and comfort. Use our Peppermint Patty Pleasure Crème for some sensuous and soothing slip. Buy two, one for him and one for you! (Some things you just shouldn’t share, ha ha.)

Butt beads with Smiling Faces text.jpg
Butt Beads

These are a hoot! But you’d be surprised how many we sell. Designed to stimulate the prostate gland when “lovingly” inserted in his back door! Rumor has it, this drives them wild!!! Give it a try, if he doesn’t like them, wear them around your neck when you go to Bingo! Also makes a great cat toy...whatever you do, don’t leave them out on the nightstand.

Slick Lube (Silicone-based)

This is the new technology in lubricant! Medical grade silicone is super slick and is non-staining. An amazingly slippery lube for when more than your sense of humor is dry! Also perfect for intimate water fun. Please do not use with other silicone products.