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We offer you and your guests more value:

Our prices are much more affordable than some of the big chain companies so you and your guests can get more ‘spice goodies’ in your bag for your dollar spent. Most Battery Operated Boyfriends range from $15.00 to $35.00 for a median price of $27.00. We have only one item that values at $65.00 and only one that is priced at $50.00.

Our yummy high quality lotions, crèmes, and powders range from $10.00 to $18.00. Again, much more affordable for you than other companies.

We pay for your postage on your invitations.

Our hostess benefits for an average party include:

Up to TWO 30% off items of your choice. (Use these discounts on the nicest things on your list, which knocks the price down considerably for you as a hostess!)

THEN you also get 10% of your guests party sales in free merchandise of your choice!

After your party we mail you another discount item 50% off with an additional free $12.00 item from our online store sent directly to you from the main company (as a ‘thank you’).

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Thank You for considering hosting one of our Spice Of Life Parties in your home. It will be a fun and exciting evening for you and your friends. When we contact you, we'll work out a suitable date and time for you to host the party and any other details that require attention.

Something to consider when thinking about dates...
We have found that you get a surprisingly good turnout on parties that are held on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursday evenings. It seems that most guests are so busy or tied up with family things on the weekends and ladies are really looking for something fun to do during the week. On the average, if the party starts by 6:30, it's wrapped up by 8:30 so it really doesn't affect work the next day. You're still home in time to get the kids to bed. In some cases only a weekend will work. This was just 'food for thought'. Ask your friends. They may agree that weeknights will be best. I'll be forwarding your party or information request to a rep. You can then discuss what days work best for your group.

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  • You've heard they're really fun.
  • Your friends have been bugging you to do it.
  • You need to re-stock your nightstand, ha, ha.

* The discounts and free merchandise you can earn are based on your party sales. If you had your choice, what free or discounted items do you have your eye on? Please browse our categories on the left side view merchandise.


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The average party is $350.00 in party sales. With the average order being about $35.00 per guest before tax and shipping. Only 10 average orders, of our very affordably priced items, puts you right in the middle of the bonus chart. Your friends can view the brochure online before the party and give you their order if they can't attend. Get outside orders and sell your squares BEFORE the party to maximize your bonuses and earn more FREE goodies!


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