Party Theme Ideas

There are many ways to make your Spice of Life Party special. Here are some favorites!

Great Valentine Theme Ideas
Hostesses can plan a lovely Valentine theme with cute cups, napkins, plates, etc. Guests can wear something red or pink. They can bring something 'heart shaped' or designed to the party for tickets for door prizes.

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Suddenly Single or Celebrate a Divorce
It's a party to celebrate her new beginning. At this party we have the perfect "partner" for anyone; we call him B.O.B., our battery-operated boyfriend. At a Spice of Life Party no one ever has to leave "single".

Tropical Theme
Get out the grass skirts and coconut bras, this party theme is fun for all. Earn tickets for door prizes if you wear something tropical, bring your sunglasses, bring some sand, etc…

Pajama Party Theme
Wear your funny pajamas, bring a stuffed animal, shuffle in with your favorite slippers.

Decorate a Banana Theme
Wear something yellow, bring a decorated banana, the more outrageous the better! You’ll need your cameras for this one!!! You’ll find your friends have quite the imaginations.

Bachelorette Bash
Bachelorette parties seem to last chance for the bride-to-be to have a girls nite out, before she ties the knot! Why not throw her a party - and let her get the gifts that she wouldn't dare register for.

Birthday Bash
A Spice of Life Party is the easiest way to throw a birthday party! Whether she is celebrating her 21st birthday or 50th birthday, this is a birthday party she will remember forever. Our rep will come to your home and do all the entertaining for you. Everyone can do the shopping for the birthday girl and themselves the night of the party!

Seasonal-themed parties
Jingle His Bells Party theme, Hallo-weenie party theme, St. Patricks Party theme, Valentine theme.

Hallo-Weenie Theme Ideas!
Carve a pumpkin as your center piece. Do something weenie creative with Indian Corn and little gourds or pumpkins.
Skeleton with Indian corn weenie.
Jello shots: Orange Jello with Malibu Rum, grape Jello with Pucker.
Witch’s Brew Punch in a plastic black caldron. (Be sure it holds liquid before you dump the punch in, ha ha.)
Plastic gloves filled with popcorn makes a scary hand. Candy corn can be used in each finger for the fingernails.
Serve Deviled Eggs with olives in the middle like Devils Eyeballs.
Pasta salad, mark it Putrefied Pasta
Sloppy Joe, can be labeled Sloppy Blood and Guts
Celery and Carrots with one pointy end. Monster Fingers and Fangs.
Chocolate pudding dessert. Label it Sludge From The Deep.
‘Poke Cake’ White cake with red Jello…looks like blood running down.
Candy Corn in dish and Halloween M&M’s.

Jingle His Bells party theme!
You could do a decorate the Gingerbread contest. Cut Gingerbread man shapes from brown grocery bags and let your guests have some fun! Or pin the weenie on the Gingerbread man... The holiday's are a great time for a Spice party!

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