Enhancers and Foreplay


Edible Tattoos (35-40 Per Box)

35-40 flavored tattoos in assorted shapes. Very cute, looks like you fell into a box of Lucky Charms, maybe he’ll get lucky too.

Jelly Jiggler with smiling Dawn text.jpg
Jelly Jiggler

This wiggly pleasure toy has the added bonus of sticking to the edge or bottom of the tub with suction! The answer to sliding toward the drain when relaxing in the bath. One women reported wearing it under her clothes when cleaning house!??? She plugged in MORE than the vacuum cleaner. Try bouncing with it on your exercise ball...hummm.

Ben Wa Balls

Weights designed to help strengthen Muffin‘s muscles. (No more leaks when you sneeze!) Grip, release, grip, release...clunk!

Snug Creme

Helps to temporarily bring back that snug feeling for Muffin. Holy cow, don’t use too much! This stuff REALLY works…! Wonderful if his ‘unit’ is on the ‘petite side’ and leaves you lacking that feeling of fullness. Gives both of you extra sensation. Pat it on wrinkles...some people notice a temporary, but welcome difference. Give it a try.

Solo Sleeve with smiling Dawn text.jpg
Solo Sleeve

A soft squishy do-it-your-selfer for him. Easier to clean then most items like this, which is a good thing.

Spicy Dice

Some men think foreplay is a 1/2 hour of begging! These sexy dice get things moving in the right direction.

Tender Tethers

Love is blind (folded), but it doesn't need to hurt... Includes 4 velvety soft but durable velcro wrist and ankle restraints with 44 inch long connector straps. Also includes a light blocking soft blindfold to keep them guessing.

Tickle Ring

Worn at the base, for stamina or snuggly 3/4 way down on him, gives you a tickle inside. (What a speed bump for Muffin!) Makes him feel bigger, and you tighter. (Gets rid of that “pencil in a cup” syndrome) Use this WITHOUT lubricant on him. Some ladies buy 2 or 3. If you think he’s shy, start out with it on his fingers. Feels divine! Can also be worn on a vibe. The colors and bump pattern are assorted.