Discount Buying

TWO ways to save!

ONE: OCCASIONAL BUYER Combine an order with a few friends, put it in under YOUR name. If an on-line order reaches $100.00 in subtotal YOU earn $30.00 in free items of your choice. Type the items that you'd like in the freebie box in the shopping cart.

TWO: OCCASIONAL BUYER WITH LOTS OF SPICY FRIENDS! If you know lots of spicey people, become an on-line only Spice Club member. You can buy like a rep without being a rep. No cost or fee to be wholesale. No buying a kit. No parties to do, just take orders from friends, etc and share your discount pricing. Be prepared, this will make you seriously popular, ha ha.

Just email and request a coupon code and share your on-line only wholesale discount with all your friends, co-workers, family and neighbors! Hit contact at the bottom and email us your name, address and phone number, so we can make you a personal coupon code for you and your friends to use on-line.

Yep that's right, you can buy at 30% off, just because you are a gal that knows lots of people who will want to get our products.

You can share your special coupon code with everyone you think would like our spice goodies. You and your friends buy at wholesale prices, I ship the items out without spending an evening doing a party, and everyone is happy! Some people would call this a 'book show' or 'ghost show'. But if you know lots of people and like gathering orders, put it in under your name and I'll give you the discount and your earn freebies as well.

If you put the orders in for your friends under your name, not only do you still get to use your discount, but if the order reaches $100.00 before tax and shipping, then you qualify for $30.00 in free for youself! Just type the freebies in the freebie box.