Some Frequent Questions

Who is Spice Of Life Parties? We specialize in adult in-home parties. We're a great alternative to parties that feature plastic containers with burping lids, and we like to think, a lot more fun!

How much will this party cost me?
It doesn't cost you anything. In fact, with you being the hostess, you will be entitled to special bonuses and discounts.

How much of a hassle will this party be?
We, at Spice Of Life Parties, do all the work. We mail the invitations and even pay the postage from a guest list supplied by you. Our rep will arrive at your home just before the party to set-up. If you wish to serve refreshments, keep it simple. We want you to be able to enjoy the presentation too!

I don't want a bunch of people, 'especially friends', knowing the items that I am purchasing. How private is my order?
All purchases are confidential. We actually take you aside to place and/or bag your order! We respect your privacy.

How do I pay for any purchases?
We accept Visa, MasterCard, most debit cards and cash at the time of placing your order.

What if my husband or boyfriend wants to purchase something?
No problem! As a general rule the party is for ladies, due to the fact that we include quite a few beauty products and skin moisturizers (this really doesn't interest the guys). You can watch funny product demo video clips on our site before the party with your sweetheart. He can help you decide what you want from the party. On occasion a rep may feel comfortable with your group and your next party can be a couple or mixed gender party. We have a secure shopping cart and orders can also be placed online if he wants to surprise you.

OK, everything sounds good, how do I book a party?
Simply complete our form and we will get an informational packet out in the mail as well as forward your party request to a local rep. Be sure to check your email often, some reps use email as the first form of contact.