Battery Operated Boyfriends


Purple Pickle

Our Purple Pickle has textural nubs up and down the length and also has a very interesting nub on the top that really hums for those that want pin-pointed stimulation for the little man in the boat! This purple pickle is latex and takes 1 AA battery.

Vibrating Ring with Smiling Dawn text.jpg
Vibrating Ring

This soft, but powerful vibrating ring gives stimulation for both of you! He wears it, but he knows if you like it more, you’ll want it more. More roomy, one size fits most! When placed on 'Rambo' your guy feels the vibration, and the little textured oval is perfect for the woman's man in the boat. Have him wear it upside down and backwards to really jiggle the twins. Between relationships? The ring makes a nice handle, use the thing yourself for the 'little man in the boat'.

Ultimate Rabbit Vibe

From Spice Goodies multi-speed with rotating and vibrating capabilities-PLUS– Pretty Pink Bunny Rabbit ears for that special clitoral stimulation. This is the item that gets all the ‘ooh’s and ‘ahh’s at the party! Two thumbs up from the guys as well. What man can resist using a fine power tool like this one? OUR battery pack hold 3 AA batteries. Having a cord makes the 'insert-able part' more lightweight. Plus it's easier to control the buttons when using it by yourself because it can be closer to your hand.

Scarlet Squiggle

Our Scarlet Squiggle has textural squiggles up and down the length, is latex and takes 1 AA battery.

smooth groove smiling Dawn text.jpg
Smooth Groove Vibe

First it’s smooth, then it‘s grooved! This 7 inch plain jane vibe, has an additude. You don’t even need to hold it in your hand, just lay it on the bed next to you!!! Perfect for latex sensitive ladies. For a different feeling try it with a Tickle Ring.

Wild Thing smiling Dawn text.jpg
Wild Thing Vibe

A stylish multi-speed, firm plastic animal print 7 1/2 inch vibe.This one is so pretty it can be left out as a back massager.

G spot like phone text.jpg
G Spot Vibe

A slender waterproof multi-speed wand, with a tilted egg on the end for finding the elusive G-spot. Also ergonomically correct for the little man in the boat!

Cupid's Curve with smiling Dawn text.jpg
Glass Cupid's Curve

Have a Pre-Valentine party to really 'Pluck Those Heart Strings'. You’ll love this ergonomic curved toy. Warm it to give muffin that radiant heated sensation of fullness. Cool it if you're having a hot flash!!! You can use either end, the smaller tapered end or the bumpy end, whichever pleases you. 6.5 x 1.5

Unicorn Horn with Smiling Dawn text.jpg
Glass Unicorn Horn

This twisty tapered toy has spiraling grooves and ridges for an incredible sensation for either muffin or the little man in the boat. Has a generous ring at base as a handle. 6 x 1.25

Wonka's Willy with smiling Dawn text.jpg
Wonka's Willy

Ladies have told us this looks like the Everlasting Gobstopper! Silicone and 7 glorious functions. Wonderfully tickly.

Poppa Smurfkin smile.jpg

This latex waterproof, vibrating, variable speed toy will keep you going until you are blue in the face!

Cutie Pie Critter with Dawn.jpg
Cutie Pie Critter

This latex waterproof, vibrating, variable speed dual antenna toy, is a creature you'll want to creep toward!

Jelly Jiggler with smiling Dawn text.jpg
Jelly Jiggler

This wiggly pleasure toy has the added bonus of sticking to the edge or bottom of the tub with suction! The answer to sliding toward the drain when relaxing in the bath. One women reported wearing it under her clothes when cleaning house!??? She plugged in MORE than the vacuum cleaner. Try bouncing with it on your exercise ball...hummm.

Darth InVade-Her collage with insert pic.jpg
Darth InVade-Her

It's not a light saber, but it does sort of look like the dude from the movie, ha ha! Silicone and a ton of glorious functions.

lifesaver vibe with smiling Dawn text.jpg
Lifesaver Vibe

A petite purse-sized vibe to really save the day! A nice toy for first timers, or when you need a quick fix. Comes in a cute little lifesaver case for privacy. Change it’s sensation with a Tickle Ring!